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What is Digital Skills Mastery Pathway Curriculum?

Digital Skills Mastery Pathway is a comprehensive and engaging program designed to equip students aged 6 to 14 with the essential digital skills they need to thrive in today's rapidly evolving world.

Students will delve into various areas, including word-processing, graphic design, spreadsheets, databases, internet searching, email communication, 3D modeling, video editing, animation design, programming, network security, and creating presentations.

They are available at three levels – Tech Pioneer, Tech Explorer and Tech Specialist.

Our curriculum aims to empower students with the foundational knowledge and practical expertise to navigate the digital landscape confidently. By embracing the Digital Skills Mastery Pathway, students will not only become proficient users of technology but also develop the skills necessary to adapt, create, and innovate in an increasingly digitalized world.

Characteristics of Digital Skills Mastery Pathway

  • Inspired by the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Digital Literacy and Computing subjects
  • Cover a wide range of IT skills to ensure a well-rounded and versatile learning experience
  • Objective oriented and project-based activities
  • Assessments are directly referable to the daily use of IT skills which students will inevitably encounter and rely upon
  • Assess students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Digital Skills Mastery Pathway Skills Covered

Award Levels

The Award operates at three Levels of the Digital Skills Mastery Pathway:

  • Tech Pioneer: Introduces students aged between 6 and 8 to fundamental concepts in IT.
  • Tech Explorer: Introduces students aged between 9 and 12 to intermediate IT skills.
  • Tech Specialist: Introduces students aged between 13 and 16 to advanced IT skills.

Grading & Certification System

To assess their progress and proficiency, practical assignments will be administered upon completion of each module, allowing students to showcase their acquired skills. The assessments have three grades: Fail, Pass or Merit.

Certification is available at TWO stages for each level, provided that students complete the number of modules stated below within three year. The certificates will be ready around one month after the last module assessment was taken. Different type of certificate will be issued according to the students' grading and the number of modules that they have completed.

Type of Certificate Requirements
Stage One Certificate Tech Pioneer: Any 3 modules with at least Pass grade
Tech Explorer or Tech Specialist: Any 4 modules with at least Pass grade
Stage One Certificate with Merit Tech Pioneer: At least 2 out of 3 modules with Merit grade
Tech Explorer or Tech Specialist: At least 3 out of 4 modules with Merit grade
Full Certificate Tech Pioneer: 6 modules with at least Pass grade
Tech Explorer or Tech Specialist: 8 modules with at least Pass grade
Full Certificate with Merit Tech Pioneer: At least 4 out of 6 modules with Merit grade
Tech Explorer or Tech Specialist: At least 5 out of 8 modules with Merit grade

Progression to International Level of Assessments

After the Tech Specialist level, students are well-equipped to take their learning to the next level. They can continue sitting for higher level of assessments, such as the esteemed Cambridge International General Certification of Secondary Education (IGCSE) ICT or Computer Science subjects.

By pursuing these qualifications, students will further deepen their understanding of complex IT concepts and refine their problem-solving abilities. They may even go further to sit for Cambridge International A Level IT or Computer Science subjects.

Digital Skills Mastery Pathway Progression Chart

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