Our Mission

FUTUREKIDS pioneered the field of computer education for children. Our program works because we combine highly trained teachers, small classes and a nationally acclaimed technology curriculum that takes students on educational journeys that they cannot forget.

The FUTUREKIDS approach ensures that all students, beginners as well as computer whizzes in training, gain the skills needed to excel in school and in the workplace of tomorrow.

Futurekids History

Futurekids Hong Kong was established in 1992 and has been a registered school in Education Department since 1995. During these years, Futurekids has provided computer mastery training to over 10,000 secondary and primary school students and teachers. Since 1997, Futurekids has also provided School Technology Solution services to Primary Schools and Kindergartens, including professional development, curriculum licensing and after school on-site teaching.

Courses Offer

We have different types of Computer Classes to fulfill your needs:

Weekly Regular Computer Class

  • With small class sizes and state-of-the art technology, students complete projects associated with the Futurekids curriculum with theme, receiving the most comprehensive technology education available anywhere.

Holiday Computer Camp

  • FUTUREKIDS unique camps provide students with in-depth, concentrated instruction in specific technology area.

Digital Skills Mastery Pathway Courses

  • The courses are inspired by the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Digital Literacy and Computing subjects which cover a wide range of IT skills to ensure a well-rounded and versatile learning experience.

Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) - Information and Communication Technology

  • The Information Communication Technology syllabus combines theoretical and practical studies focusing on the ability to use common software applications, including word processors, spreadsheets, databases, interactive presentation software, e-mail, web browsers and website design. Students will develop a greater awareness of how applications are used in the workplace, and consider the impact of new technologies on methods of working and on social, economic, ethical and moral issues. The skills learnt will be useful to them in their work across the curriculum, and will prepare them for future employment.

Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) - Computer Science

  • Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science enables learners to develop an interest in computing and to gain confidence in computational thinking and programming. Learners develop their understanding of the main principles of problem-solving using computers. They apply their understanding to develop computer-based solutions to problems using algorithms and a high-level programming language. They also develop a range of technical skills, as well as the ability to test effectively and to evaluate computing solutions.

Cambridge International Advanced Level (IAL) - Information Technology

  • Cambridge IAL is one of the most recognised qualifications around the world. The syllabus introduces students to the structure and use of ICT systems within a wide range of organisations, including the use of a variety of computer networks. As a result, students learn about ICT system life cycles, and how these affect the workplace. They also gain an understanding of the wider impact of ICT on society in general.

Cambridge International Advanced Level (IAL) - Computer Science

  • Cambridge IAL is one of the most recognised qualifications around the world. This syllabus provides a general understanding and perspective of the development of computer technology and systems, which will inform their decisions and support their participation in an increasingly technologically dependent society; It also provides the necessary skills and knowledge to seek employment in areas that use computer science; Students’ knowledge and understanding of computer science can be developed through entry to higher education, where this qualification will provide a useful foundation for further study of computer science or more specialist aspects of computer science.

Professional Training for Teachers

  • Widespread acclaim for FUTUREKIDS captured the attention of the school community, and educators asked us to support them in their quest to integrate technology into school curriculum. In public and private schools worldwide, FUTUREKIDS now provides comprehensive training programs that are transforming how teachers educate and how students learn.