Initial Steps

Age Group

This Level is to introduce students aged between 6 and 8 to fundamental concepts in ICT skills.

The International Dimension

Cambridge ICT Starters correlates to the UK National Curriculum. It provides a gateway for students to progress to higher ICT qualification levels equivalent to UK IGCSE / O-Level or GCE A-Level set according to the UK National Curriculum. The learning objectives of the Starter syllabus also meet the Texas technology standards at Elementary and Middle School level (Texas' technology standards are followed by the whole of the US). Therefore, students can be assessed reliably against performance standards set in an international context, which is an advantage when applying for schools placement, encourages the students to obtain wider ICT skills, and last but not the least, strengthens the students' confidence.

Initial Steps

Cambridge ICT Starters Certification

Cambridge Certification is available at TWO stages.

  • Students will be awarded the Cambridge Stage 1 Certificate upon successful completion of all stage 1 modules(three modules) within three years.
  • Those who can complete all stage 1 and stage 2 modules within the same period will be awarded a full certificate.

Avaliable Modules

Click on the module that you are interested to read more information about it.
Stage 1 Module 1
Starting with Text
Pupils learn how to enter and manipulate text
Stage 1 Module 2
Starting Images
Pupils learn how to draw simple pictures and shapes
Stage 1 Module 3
Starting Graphics
Pupils learn how to present information in charts or graphics
Stage 2 Module 1
Starting Programming
Pupils learn how to plan simple programs and then create them by a sequence of instructions
Stage 2 Module 2
Starting Searches
Pupils learn how to find information on CD-ROMs or the internet
Stage 2 Module 3
Starting Email
Pupils learn how to send, reply and forward e-mail messages